Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's all good

It has been a while since i updated this blog so here are two new ones!
The first one is about pacific/blackwork and the other about some graphic/colour tattoos.
I have been tattooing as a guest artist in Almere at Studio DaRocks by some old friends and had a great time thanx guys!
And i have been pimping some surfboards with Samoan patterns.
Have a look and thanx for watching, cheers Igor.

Click here for the interview with Igor and other artists about tattooing

Click here for the Story (only in Dutch) about my trip to the Nuku Hiva and others

Work in progress...
At DaRocks thanx guys

Some Samoan inspired patterns on surfboards

PART 2 colour/graphic tattoos from lately


 Inside look of where some of my inspiration comes from

 Birds totem