Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Welcome to my blog with a new update of my latest work.
It has been a tough year for me with some issues and now and than i almost felt like i wanted to quit tattooing and do other things in life.
I love this job and there is noting else out there what you can compare with, tattooing is my passion and you will never stop learning and getting better in that what you do.
After 13 years of hard work i decided to open my own private studio called 'Blackinktatau' and get out there to make even more and better ink on skin.
The studio will be open after summer 2016 and you can also find me at Classic ink and mods - Amsterdam where i will stay for 2 day's in the week (monday and tuesday).
I love this place to much it's my second home with some great artists working there.
On instagram you can find me by my own name but i opened another account called blackinktatau where i focus meanly on traditional inspired blackwork, feel free to follow me there.
Stay tuned and take care, cheers Igor.